Serrapeptase-Blood Clot Buster

A German research medical scientist, Dr. Napier,  did extensive research over thirty years ago to evaluate the benefits of Serrapeptase for cardiac health. He noted that Serrapeptase dissolves the fibrin which lines the blood vessels. Fibrin is a protein that stops excess blood loss in the event of injury or trauma. When viruses, bacteria, and toxins set off an inflammatory response, the result is an excess of fibrin in the blood. When there is no injury, the fibrin circulates throughout the blood and sticks to the walls of blood vessels. As the fibrin builds up, it can restrict the flow of blood. These build ups of fibrin are referred to as blood clots. In addition to elevated blood pressure, these dangerous clots can restrict the blood flow so that the oxygen supply to the tissue is cut off, resulting in heart attacks. If the clot travels to the brain, the patient may experience a severe stroke. Read more at

Over time, Dr. Napier noticed that there were other health benefits for the use of Serrapeptase. It has proven helpful for its anti-inflammatory properties. It is a traditional medication in Germany and Asia and is well accepted by their medical community. In the United States, Serrapeptase is marketed as a health supplement rather than medication. Please visit their Facebook page.