Dinoflagellates are single-celled organisms that live in oceans, estuaries, lakes, and ponds. On this hub page, you will find reviewed and categorized links about dinoflagellates.

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Dinoflagellates: Toxic Beauties - by Josh Rapport.

Parasitic Dinoflagellates - by D. Wayne Coats, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center.

Dinoflagellates - from the University of Calgary.

Fossil Groups - Dinoflagellates - by U.S. Geological Survey.

Life history of the dinoflagellates - from the University of Miami.

Dinoflagellates, Protists and Pfiesteria - by Maryland Marine Notes, University of Maryland.

Dinoflagellate cysts - from Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS).

Dinoflagellates from Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences, New Zealand

Toxic and predatory dinoflagellates - by Wei-Jun Cai and Lawrence R. Pomeroy, School of Marine Programs and Institute of Ecology University of Georgia, Athens.

Introduction to the Dinoflagellata - from Museum of Paleontology, University of California, Berkeley.

Cellular responses to environmental stress in dinoflagellates - by Dan Franklin, Supervisor, Dr. J.A. Berges.

Dinoflagellates by Latz Laboratory of Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Protoperidinium-dinoflagellates - from Tjärnö Marine Biological Laboratory, Strömstad, Sweden.

Growing dinoflagellates at home

What's Glowing in the Water? Bioluminescent Dinoflagellates - by Allison Miller.

Dinoflagellates, or was that "Boogers with Bubbles"? - by Todd Crail.

Dinoflagellates - by Claus Heilmann-Clausen, University of Aarhus.

Tropical Dinoflagellates - by Dr. Donald R. Tindall, Department of Plant Biology, Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

Trophic effects of two dinoflagellates

Dinoflagellates from Centre d'Océanologie de Marseille

Dinoflagellates and Red Tides - by Bernadette Pate Holt.

Diatoms and dinoflagellates - from Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

Dinophyta (Dinoflagellates) - by Michael D. Guiry.

QwikLite Bioassay System - a unique test for determining toxicity using bioluminescent dinoflagellates.

Eucaryotic autotroph single-cell Organism: Dinoflagellates

Dinoflagellates from the University of Chicago

Ciliates and Dinoflagellates - by John Lawson, Damian Flowers, Mary Fitzgerald, David Meech.

Dinoflagellates from Palaeontological Museum, University of Oslo, Norway

Pyrrhophyta (The Dinoflagellates)

Dinoflagellates by Flower Garden Banks

Bioluminescent Dinoflagellates

Phosphorescent Bay; Trillions Of Phosphorescent Dinoflagellates Call It Home - by Frank Prendergast.

Dinoflagellates - Red Tide at Morning

Nessie's Diet of Deadly Dinoflagellates

Pyrrophyta or dinoflagellates

Images - Illustrations - Slides - Movies

Heterotrophic Dinoflagellates of Georges Bank

Illustrations Diatoms, Dinoflagellates, Euglena

Phototrophic Dinoflagellates from Georges Bank

Dinophyceae (Dinoflagellates) - a slide.

Dinoflagellate concentration - by Penelope van Reenen.

Dinoflagellates - an illustration.

Algoa Bay dinoflagellates - offers images.

Kingdom Protista: Dinoflagellates - by Cody Arenz, Garry Duncan, & Nebraska Wesleyan University.

Shellfish toxins (from marine dinoflagellates) - a slide.

The Dinoflagellates - by Mahlon G. Kelly.

Dinoflagellates: Peridinium


Mixotrophy Among Dinoflagellates - by D. K. Stoecker, Horn Point Laboratory, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, USA.

Growth and grazing responses in two chloroplast retaining dinoflagellates : effect of light intensity and prey species - by Jakobsen, H. Danish Institute for Fisheries Research / Departement of Marine and Coastal Ecology.

Dinoflagellates - Poster Abstracts

Numerical modelling of dinoflagellates in a subtropical lake

Conjugated lectins as a tool for differentiating between toxic and non-toxic marine dinoflagellates - by Lesley L. Rhodes, Allison J. Haywood, David W. Fountain.

Lipid Biomarker Characterization of Bloom-Related Dinoflagellates

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