dung beetle
Dung beetle also known as scarab beetle, is a member of the Scarabaeidae (4500 species) family. An adult dung beetle has a head, thorax and abdomen. The head contains the major sense organs, the brain and the mouthparts. The thorax is the centre of gravity and is the section that gives rise to the wings and legs. The abdomen houses the essential body organs (digestive system, reproductive organs).

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Onthophagus australis (Native Dung Beetle): Narrative - written by Jennifer Roof, Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program, The University of Michigan, Museum of Zoology.

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Male-Dimorphism in the Dung Beetle: Reproduction Tactics and Paternal Effects on Offspring - by Ashlee L. Child.

The helpful bugs with the strangest of tastes - if it were not for dung beetles, every terrestrial organism would be up to its eyeballs in you know what.

Scarab Beetles

Dung beetle - by Chris Geiger.

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A small metallic dung beetle from wet sclerophyll forest - by Dave Britton, The University of New England, Australia.

Discovery Online -- Animal Families, Photo Gallery - Dung Beetle - a dung beetle in South Africa rolls away on a nuptial ball.

Dung beetle - a photo by John Mullen.

Dung beetle by Hilton Pond Center - dung beetle pair have formed a ball from suitably aged animal droppings and are using their strong hind legs to quickly roll it away for burial.

Dung beetle photo - from University of Oklahoma.

Dung beetle - from Clemson University Arthropod Collection.


Patch size and colonisation patterns: an experimental analysis using north temperate coprophagous dung beetles

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