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The Inland Bearded Dragon, also known as Pogona vitticeps, is a member of Agamidae family. Bearded dragons are 15 to 24 inches (60cm) long, including the tail. They have a huge range in the interior of Australia, ranging from the subtropical woodlands, to the savannahs, and into the great interior deserts. They are omnivorous tending towards being carnivorous, feed on a variety of insects, any small animal they can overpower, and flowers, greenery and fruits.

Articles & Information Sheets

Pogona vitticeps ( Inland Bearded Dragon, Central Bearded Dragon) - written by Jennifer Periat, Michigan State University student.

Inland Bearded Dragon (Pogona vitticeps) - by Eileen Underwood, Colorado Herpetological Society.

Systemic Monocytic Leukemia in a Bearded Dragon (Pogona viticeps) - by Deidre K. Fontenot, Christopher R. Gregory, Nadine Lamberski, Raymond P. Campagnoli, and Kenneth S. Latimer.

Bearded Dragon Information Sheet - by Tami A. Minturn, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo Animal Science Department.

The Bearded Dragon Rescue - Bearded Dragon Rescue's goal is to help people who have dragons they can no longer care for, and to find people who are looking to adopt a Bearded Dragon.

The Bearded Dragon (Pogona Viticeps) Care sheet - written by Jack Corzine.

The life and times of Smaug the Bearded Dragon

Bearded Dragon by Ecotarium

The Fascinating World of Bearded Dragons - by Aaron Lecomte, Thomas Nelson Community College.

Caring for an Australian Bearded Dragon - by K. W. Tosney.

Bearded Dragon by Houston Zoo

The Basic Care of Bearded Dragons - by Danielle.

The Care of the Australian Bearded Dragon, Pogona vitticeps - by Peter Weis, Herpetologist.

Valley Zoo Adopt An Animal Bearded Dragon

Eastern Bearded Dragon - from Wildcare Queanbeyan, Australia.

Bearded Dragon Behaviors

Inland Bearded Dragon - Pogona vitticeps - by S. Berry.

Bearded dragon - Pogona - from an Australian perspective - by Raymond Hoser.

Common Bearded Dragon - from the Lamington National Park.

Bearded Dragon care sheet - by Mark Amey.

Bearded Dragon Care Sheet - basic care for baby bearded dragons.

Australian Bearded Dragon Lizards

Bearded Dragon from the Santa Barbara Zoological Gardens

Eastern Water Dragon and Eastern Bearded Dragon - from Burke's Backyard.

Bearded Dragons In Captivity

Bearded Dragon by Jamey

General Care of Bearded Dragons

Bearded Dragon by Crystal Garden

Inland Bearded Dragons - by Melissa Kaplan.

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Bearded Dragon Lizard

Bearded Dragon - page from Australia.

Bearded Dragon by the Department of Biological Sciences of Bowling Green State University

Bearded Dragons by Rick Crosslin

Sonny's Bearded Dragon Page

Bearded Dragon page from Netherlands

Bearded Dragon from Featherdale Wildlife Park

Photos - Slides - Videos

Bearded dragon (Pogona vitticeps) - by E. Iglich.

Central Bearded Dragon Page - offers nice photos of Yello, Red, Spike and Dawny.

Shingleback Skink & Inland Bearded Dragon

Billy's Webpage about Bearded Dragon Cleo

Bearded Dragon Photos - offers high quality and original photos.

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Bearded Dragon on road near Pink Lakes

Bearded Dragon (Pogona vitticeps) Slide

Bearded Dragon photos

Bearded Dragon Masters

Bearded Dragon Lizard - by Das Helwig Haus.

Nikhi's picture gallery

Australian bearded dragons (Pogona vitticeps) - offers nice photos.

The Bearded Dragon - Lizard Cam

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Yellow Bearded Dragon

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Bearded Dragons - by YAHOO.

Bearded Dragon Links - categorized by information and sales.

Bearded Dragon Forum


Bearded Dragon Care - by Robert & Victoria Dachiu.

Bearded Dragon - Past Polls


Systemic Microsporidiosis in Inland Bearded Dragons, Pogona Vitticeps - by Jacobson Elliott R, Green Earl, Undeen Albert H, Cranfield Michael, Vaughn Karen L.


Furby meets the Baby Bearded Dragon - by Laura Bond, Arizona Daily Wildcat.

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