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Project Links Recommends Hacked Website Repair Service

Malware is commonplace, and it can be fixed. Over 100,000 sites a month get attacked by all different types of website viruses. If you go to your site and you are “blacklisted,” this is a sign that you have a malware infection on your site. In many cases, the hosting company will step in and block your website until the malware is removed. If you have multiple sites on your server, we will scan the entire server to make sure the other sites are not infected. Our technicians are ready to repair your website and get it back online. Please visit our website at https:// www.WebsiteMalwareRemoval.net

It is important to choose a competent malware professional who works every day with clients to solve their issues and get the websites back online as quick as possible. We realize time is money, so we will go the extra mile to make sure our technicians promptly scan your website and then scan the entire server. This step is necessary so that we may locate the possible root of the problem. We will find all the malware that is on your server and make a determination on which sites that are infected by malware. If you have malware on one site, it can quickly spread to other websites on your hosting account and cause havoc. We have many customers who have paid other service providers to remove their malware just to find out that the malware is back and they are “blacklisted” again and need to remove the infectious programs that caused the original problem. In other words, the security holes were not properly discovered and fixed thus created vulnerabilities at a later time. The malware jumped from different folders and infected the site again. When this happens, it is necessary to start from the beginning and scan the entire server to clean the malware and discover all security holes (vulnerabilities) that cause the hacker to break into the site and install malware.

We are a USA based company that works with companies and individuals from all parts of the world to remove website malware. The nature of malware is to reproduce itself and come back to cause future problems with websites. To solve this issue, with every order we go thru a process to harden your site, to close security holes and vulnerabilities. This hardening process has proven useful to keep malware infection from returning. Visit our facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/websitemalwareremovalexpert.